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When you need a family law attorney in Fort Myers, or the surrounding region, to protect your rights in a case involving child custody, child support, paternity, divorce or family law matter of another sort, hire the Florida lawyers at Men's Rights Law Firm who understand what you're going through and has the experience needed to get the job done right.

We will begin working on your case by thoroughly reviewing your specific and unique circumstances. Then he will review your case personally and give you a realistic assessment of what you can expect.

Our family law attorneys focus on aggressively representing our clients who are involved in divorce and other family law matters in court and out of court. We desire to serve every client conscientiously and completely in accordance with the following promise:

We promise to:

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How Our Family Law Firm Will Help You

If you decide to hire our firm, our team begins the formal process of gathering documents and information relevant to your case. You'll meet with one of our family law attorneys and we’ll make sure any required paperwork or legal responses are filed correctly and on time. Usually, we'll also file a request for information and documents from the other party so that we have a complete picture of your situation.

As information is gathered and assessed, we start developing a strategy for your case. We draw upon our experience in hundreds of successful cases to identify tactics that will make your case a success too. If it will benefit your case, we'll arrange for experts to perform any relevant assessments, tests or evaluations and secure their testimony for court.

Our strategy is to prepare your case thoroughly enough to win a court trial, even if it's decided to attempt negotiations first. This puts you in the strongest position possible for negotiating. In many cases, the opposition, after seeing the strength of a case prepared by our firm, elects to compromise on many issues. This is usually best for everyone.

We do what's best for you. Litigation is not always necessary when you hire a high-quality attorney.

Courtroom litigation is stressful, emotional and expensive. When you're going through a custody battle, support case, paternity case, divorce or family law matter of another sort, you already have enough stress, frustration, anger and expenses. You don't need any more.

We always try to reach a reasonable settlement with the other party through mediation and negotiation first. This approach usually minimizes stress and keeps your legal fees to a minimum. It also tends to yield better results, when successful, because the parties are able to customize the settlement or parenting arrangement in a way that suits them. A judge usually simplifies arrangements as much as reasonably possible, and usually neither side is completely happy.

However, if we cannot negotiate a settlement that is reasonable and respective of your rights, we are prepared to take your case to court and let a judge decide. Although our attorneys and our team prefer to foster a cooperative atmosphere, the other party should not mistake our cooperative attitude as a sign of weakness. We will be aggressive in protecting your rights, quickly take initiative in the case and often force the opposition into a defensive position.

We have won hundreds of cases for our clients who are going through divorce or family law matters of other sorts.

Take the first step and go to our Free Legal Consultation page to tell us about your case. A family law representative will call you within 24 hours to ask about your case and schedule your consultation with one of our family law attorneys.