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Among Florida family law attorneys, Matthew Irwin is a leading authority in the region of Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties. They each have extensive experience and proven track records in all aspects of Florida family law.

The law firm regularly assists clients in the following areas of family law.


Divorce is an emotional time in which men and women often make bad decisions they later regret and fail to take initiative. We can help you make good decisions and protect your rights, so you don’t end up with the short end of the stick.


At our law firm, we are aware that establishing paternity is extremely important. For women, we can help you establish who the father is so that you can move forward with your life or potentially pursue child support. For men, we can help you if you are accused of fathering a child that you believe isn’t yours or if you are being denied the right to be fathers to children that are yours.

Modification of Judgments

Getting a court to change terms of a child custody, child support or alimony order is difficult unless someone’s financial situation has changed significantly. We’ll help you determine whether your circumstances warrant pursuit of a judgment modification.

Child Custody

Co-parenting can be a difficult endeavor, especially if there are still emotional conflict between the mother and father. We can help you set up a plan that will work for everyone involved, especially your children.


Florida's family law encourages fathers and mothers to share equal time with their children. Attorneys at our firm can help you negotiate a timesharing plan that is reasonable and fair.


When most people think of alimony they think of the man providing for his ex wife. But today, women can earn as much or more than their exes so our work, as family law attorneys, is to ensure that the alimony process is fair to all parties involved.


Moving can greatly complicate a parenting plan or timesharing schedule, especially when moving out of state. Don’t be cheated out of time with your kids or money for child support just because one parent has to relocate. We’ll help you protect your rights in these kinds of circumstances.

Child Support

You have a duty to financially support your kids, but that doesn’t you have to empty your bank account. Florida family law attorneys at our firm will help you negotiate a fair child support arrangement that minimizes how much you pay for your child's support.

Domestic Violence

Don’t let false accusations of domestic violence or a restraining order prevent you from being a parent to your children. We’ll keep your ex-spouse from using false allegations to block the rights you have under Florida family law. Our attorney’s training and experience will help you show the court that the accusations are unwarranted and should not impact court decisions regarding your parenting rights.

Enforcement Proceedings

If your ex spouse isn’t adhering to the court-ordered parenting plan or timesharing schedule, we can help you enforce the court order through legal action. Just don’t withhold child support or fail to comply with the court order yourself; his or her non-compliance does not give you the right to violate the court order too under Florida family law. An attorney’s help is usually needed to initiate enforcement proceedings.

Step Parent Adoption

We help stepparents adopt their stepchildren and gain all the rights the birth parent would have. Completing this process can be challenging as permission must be obtained from the birth parent if he can be identified and located.


If a divorce or custody decision transgresses your rights or a court or attorney did not adhere to the rules pertaining to the decision, you can file an appeal to have the decision overturned or sent back for modification. You cannot appeal a decision just because you don’t like the results. We can help you determine whether your case needs to be appealed and handle the appeals process for you.

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