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Florida Enforcement Proceedings

A family law attorney in Florida can help you protect your rights if spousal/child support enforcement actions are being taken against you or if you are owed support and need to initiate enforcement action. Custody and visitation arrangements, also known as time sharing plans, can also be enforced if necessary. Divorce, custody, visitation and support orders are legally binding on the divorcing couple. Any deviation from arrangements ordered by court can result in contempt of court charges and serious penalties.

We Protect Your Rights When Facing Enforcement Proceedings

Failing to pay alimony or child support, or paying less than ordered by a court, can land you in some serious trouble - even if it’s due to loss of income or some other good reason. The same is true of failure to follow custody/visitation arrangements or adhere to divorce orders. Any deviation from court orders without prior approval from the court can result in a contempt of court charge.

If you failed to pay support due to loss of income or another valid reason, you’ll probably face a civil contempt charge. In such a case, the court will compel you to pay the owed child support, but you’ll stay out of jail. The court can seize assets, property and bank accounts or garner wages to ensure the payments are made. The judge may see fit to modify future support payments to fit your new financial circumstances.

If you are simply refusing to make your payments or comply with court orders, you could be charged with criminal contempt and you will probably face jail time. In addition to jail time, the court will also take action to enforce payments as mentioned above.

A lawyer can help you present your case and show the court you had good reason to deviate from court orders so that enforcement actions and penalties will be minimal. But you must act before the contempt hearing.

We Can Help You Enforce Divorce, Custody or Support Orders

If you are owed alimony or child support, enforcement proceedings can get you the money that is owed to you. Enforcement proceedings can also help you if your former spouse is ignoring other court orders related to your divorce or custody, such as prohibiting you from seeing your child or failing to turn over property assigned to you in the divorce decree.

Need a Divorce or Custody Attorney in Florida?

If spousal/child support enforcement actions are being taken against you or you are owed alimony or child support money, you need to take action quickly. You can talk about your options regarding enforcement proceedings with any of our attorneys for free - there’s no cost or obligation. Find out what your rights are and how to protect them. Schedule a free consultation with a divorce and men’s rights attorney or call us at 866-995-0166 today.