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If you’ve been served with a restraining order, our lawyers can help ensure your rights are protected. We have extensive experience protecting the rights of our clients in cases of abuse and domestic violence. Because hearings in such cases move quickly, it’s important to have a lawyer representing you early in the process. Being accused of domestic violence or being served with a protective injunction doesn’t mean you are guilty. But if you don’t take the proper steps to protect your rights and defend your innocence, you could forfeit your rights in a divorce or child custody case and even go to jail

If You Are Served With A Restraining Order

If you are served with a protective injunction, also known as a restraining order, you need to get legal representation immediately. Being served with a protective injunction or other violence-related injunction most likely means someone is going to charge you with domestic violence and a lawyer is needed to protect your rights. Domestic violence proceedings happen quickly because the health and safety of someone is allegedly in danger. Your lawyer can file a motion for a continuance hearing and secure enough time to gather evidence for your defense. Most people who attempt to represent themselves in these situations end up with the short end of the stick. In a divorce or child custody situation, this could mean losing all your rights to marital property, custody and visitation.

In most cases of abuse and domestic violence, the woman is abused by the man. But men can also be victims of domestic violence. If you think you are the victim of abuse, whether it’s physical, mental or verbal, you need to get help. Getting a restraining order or protective injunction and filing a domestic violence case against the abuser can lead to a variety of solutions. Besides protecting the victim, a court order can require counseling or other measures to help the abuser get the treatment they need.

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